Joe Arcangelo

Managing Partner
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Joe has been a member of the executive resourcing industry for 27 years, with 20 years dedicated to the Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology, and Medical Device industries. 

For  16 years prior, Joe was responsible for the build, and growth, of the global resourcing  teams at Research Pharmaceutical Services (RPS, Inc.) where he designed and led the strategy, and related processes, required to keep pace with their explosive growth (from $1.2M to $300M annually). 

He is an accomplished industry trainer and public speaker.  His certifications, and numerous awards, within the Life Science outsourcing/resourcing industry provide testament to his study and thorough knowledge of global employment laws, resourcing practices/policies, ethics, and his ability to lead and manage within a global recruitment and outsourcing industry.

Simply, Joe brings an unparalleled marketplace perspective on what it takes to build a successful “customer-focused” resourcing business, providing world-class client service, and the hiring/retaining of quality professionals.