Brian Sulpizio

Managing Partner
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Brian has been a member of the outsourcing/resourcing industry for 15 years.   Brian has been instrumental throughout his career in building and managing internal medical writing practices to create full outsourcing medical writing capabilities, fueled by the power of ongoing executive resourcing engines. 

Prior to inSeption, he was the CEO and Co-founder of G&S Executive Resources, and Medical Writing Project Lead for Research Pharmaceutical Services (RPS, Inc.), where he had the fortune of being part of an organization that grew from 5M to 100M in about 5 years. 

In addition, Brian’s practice building focus also includes Regulatory Affairs, Quality Assurance, Drug Safety, and Medical Affairs.  

As a frequent sponsor, speaker and moderator within the Medical Writing and Regulatory Submission community, Brian imparts inSeption's unwavering obsession to distinguish people as the principal ingredient of the outsourcing equation.