our niche focus

inSeption believes the only way it can truly serve as an effective resource for our candidates & clients over time is to not only become experts within the communities that we serve, but to also become embedded within the professional networks of candidates who are Happy and Not Looking. 

Top-tier professionals who are rewarded abundantly, driven by service, feel personally fulfilled by their work, have advanced in their career paths, and create synergy with the other employees around them, have their own professional network.   And they’re Happy!!!   At inSeption, our recruiters take the long-term approach to become part of this candidate pool’s professional network.   We know that our clients are looking for the best, not the best of who’s available and unhappy at the time. 

When the time comes for these impact players to move on, they utilize their own professional network to take that next step in their career, before EVER professing that desire to the public.   They’re not responsive to engage in brief conversations with recruiters pitching them "the perfect opportunity."  They rarely, if ever, post their resume on job boards or submit their CVs to corporate websites.

Ultimately, they find a rewarding new opportunity, without ever having to announce to the public they were on the market.  And in the end, inSeption removes it’s competition because the candidate never became “actively looking”.  

As a client partner with us, you will have access to the right people that will give your company a competitive advantage in the marketplace.