contract, supplemental consultants and direct hire

We provide short-term or long-term contract staffing to be located on-site with the client, inSeption’s HQs, or remote. inSeption’s supplemental staffing model has the flexibility built in to accommodate peaks and valleys, ebbs and flows, that are traditionally part of the natural workflow process for any given project.

inSeption thrives on the challenge of very difficult to fill, impact roles. We offer various models from pure contingent recruiting to fully retained, as well as a blended solution. We enjoy sharing in the collaboration of risk and the equity of reward to create a successful story with our clients. We have built and continue to build deep relationships that we nurture over time, and are well respected for our integrity in approaching people with discretion, respect, and a focus to build mutually beneficial relationship over time. We want to be your voice into the market, so that we could truly serve as an extension of your values and culture to deliver your message in a clear, concise, and professional manner.