co-sourced model

inSeption’s co-sourced model provides increased control, higher quality, dedicated resources with a reduction in time and costs normally associated with traditional outsourcing or independent contractor models.

  • Highly qualified personnel with you in control of the selection and hiring of the resources, resulting in a "custom-designed" project team.
  • Greater stability of this team of inSeption employees who will be dedicated to you for the duration of the project (and beyond as needed).
  • The project, and resources, will be managed directly, by your processes and SOPs; eliminating any co-employment or "independent contractor" rules governed by the IRS.
  • The team will be fully integrated into your internal project team in order for them to function as a contributing team member and to eliminate any duplication of efforts. (like hiring for a permanent basis without having the associated costs).
  • Efficient pricing due to fixed hours, dedicated resources, minimal internal process maintenance and overhead considerations.